I'm Yaoyu Yang. I am an engineer and researcher. I currently work at Ginkgo Bioworks as a senior software engineer with the aim of making biology easier to engineer through software.

I recently obtained my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at University of Washington, where I worked on synthetic biology and lab automation in the Klavins Lab. My Ph.D. thesis is titled Design, Construction, and Validation of Dynamic Gene Circuits in Yeast. I built novel synthetic gene circuits in yeast. I also built over 20 high quality, reproducible build and test workflows in the Aquarium lab operating system, a software-enabled human-in-the-loop automation platform invented in the Klavins Lab. I am a founding member of UW Biofabrication Center (UW BIOFAB), a cloud lab service powered by Aquarium.

Outside work, I enjoy reading, being a new dad, and making cool apps. You are welcome to support my work on free and open software by checking out Support Me page. Find ways to contact me at Contact Me page.